#BookTour: The Priestess Trilogy, #Fantasy #Romance by @MelissaSasina

The Priestess Trilogy # 1
By- Melissa Sasina
Genre-  Fantasy/Romance
Shiovra has been named High Priestess of the village Tara, but she quickly finds herself hunted by the Milidh, a clan born of war and vengeance. With the safety of Tara at stake, it is decided that she is to seek aid from her betrothed, one she considers the enemy. At her side is Odhrán, a Milidh warrior sworn to protect her and determined to gain her trust. But their journey is fraught with peril and Shiovra learns that darkness lurks in the hearts of her own kin. Steeped in ancient Irish myth, this tale is spun of love, war, and DEFIANCE.
From November 2nd-November 6th you can download your copy of  Defiance FREE on Amazon!
The Priestess Trilogy # 2
By- Melissa Sasina
Genre- Fantasy/ Romance
Shiovra, High Priestess of the village Tara, is set to wed one considered the enemy for the sake of her clan. Torn between her heart and her people, between love and duty, Shiovra decides her fate and faces the truth about Odhrán. Still hunted by both the Milidh clan and her own kin, she learns that not all enemies are quite what they seem. Loyalty is brought into question and power lost within enemy ranks in what shall ultimately lead to one thing: BETRAYAL.
The Priestess Trilogy # 3
By- Melissa Sasina
Genre- Fantasy/ Romance
Tensions escalate between two clans, threatening their fragile peace. On one side stand the Túath, on the other the Milidh. The prize: control of the land of Éire. Yet amidst this brewing conflict, another more dangerous threat looms. The village of Tara is ripped apart, not by war, but by the seed of betrayal as the priestess’ own kinswoman, Gráinne, conspires to seize control. Enemies shall become allies and Shiovra is faced with a difficult choice, one that will ultimately engulf her world in an irreversible ECLIPSE.

Please tell us about yourself using 3 adjectives, 1 quirk and a pop culture addiction Silly, cheerful, determined, likes to sing “So long and thanks for all the fish” when leaving work, and Whovian.

Top 3 Pet Peeves People who don’t use their turn signals, people who assume because I write fantasy that my books are for children (they are not in the slightest), and people who eat produce that needs to be weighed at a store. (I’ve worked in the retail business for seventeen years, I could make a huge list of pet peeves!)

What are your thoughts on book covers- in your opinion do they make or break a book? I’ll admit that I’ve passed some books due to covers. Sure, an awesome cover could make you pick the book up and read the blurb, but it doesn’t mean you’ll like the story. Covers draw interest, but they don’t break the book unless they are so badly done that people won’t even spare it a second glance. I’ve seen covers that look like my nine year old son played around with a photoshop program and slapped it on a book.  

How do you come up with character names?  How do you come up with novel titles? Character names are fun. Sometimes I heard a name or see one somewhere and go “Oh! I like that name!” and write it down. Other times I grab my trusty old baby name book, flip to a random page and close my eyes, picking out a name. If I’m not 100% fond of it, I’ll look through the alternate spellings. Novel titles are very difficult for me. Most of the time I don’t even have a working title till halfway through the book. I took a friends suggestion and started thinking of what’s important in the book when naming them.

This or That-

*Morning or Night? Night.

*Vanilla or Chocolate? Chocolate all the way!

*Summer or Winter? Summer. I love storms, they help me focus when writing.

*Ebook or Paperback? Paperback, however I do own a Kindle.

*Fantasy or Paranormal? Fantasy.

About the Author-
Born in 1982 in Cleveland, Ohio, Melissa has always been an avid lover of fantasy. In her youth she would write short stories and add artwork to them. While in high school, she decided to change her career path from graphic art to writing, though she still enjoys drawing up a random picture or two, usually of her characters. During her younger school years, she won a Young Authors Honorable Mention for a short story she had written. She has also won a few Visual Arts awards during her school years and upon graduation from High School, she was given a President’s award for Outstanding Academic Achievement. The first book she began to write seriously for publication was The Priestess. Completed in 2008, the book was separated into a trilogy and published in 2010. After undergoing heavy revisions, the trilogy was re-released beginning in 2012 and completed in 2015. Melissa still lives in Ohio with her husband, son, cat Trinity, and ferret Rope.
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