#GuestPost: #Fantasy Author #Street #Team, by Mark Stone @calasade

First Edition LOTRThings have been busy in the land of Calasade.

First there was the redesign of the cover for Calasade: Blood Isle. Then there was the altering of Blood Isle, which is now titled Sanguinem Isle. I added a chapter, smoothed out some rough areas, solidified how Latin was being used, and added an illustration. Now the story flows better than ever and is more rounded than before. Oh, I know. There was nothing technically wrong with Blood Isle (as proven through the wonderful reviews), but still, I’m a perfectionist. An anal retentive perfectionist. And I needed to get some things down before continuing with the next book, Calasade: Impetus.

After that came some marketing decisions and a new strategy. Things like establishing a relationship with a website dedicated to Fantasy and connecting with top Amazon reviewers. Pleasant things those followed by not so pleasant things, like limiting the amount of free books I offer to subscribers. Of my titles Calasade: Wayward is the only one available for free to subscribers. I know it sucks, but I have to make a living and what I’m earning on books right now isn’t enough to feed a pigeon.

The good news–no, scratch that– the GREAT news is I’ve implemented a street team. A street team (if you are unfamiliar with the term) is a group of fans that band together to support an author by getting the word out about the author’s publications. Mostly this is done via social media platforms. Word-of-mouth (or media-of-mouth) is any author’s greatest tool, especially in today’s publishing world. Given the market is inundated with books on a daily basis, it’s harder than ever for an author to get noticed. Without media/word-of-mouth, well, said author is about as dead in the water as a floating, bloated fish.

So what’s in it for you? You get Gunslinger Greed, a Weird Western, in addition to Calasade: Wayward, a Greco-Roman Fantasy graphic novel. But that’s hardly all. You can win autographed books, first editions of famous books, gift cards to the store of your choice, and other prizes made available through promotion competitions. We choose one or more (promotions vary) random winners at the end of each promotion. Everyone is a winner in the end, though. Each street team member (officially known as an Harenarium – the “H” is
silent by the way) are the first to receive advance reader copies and get swag (bookmarks, miniature swords, etc.) on a semi-regular basis (the organizers and I like to surprise people). The advance reader copies will be provided in the e-reader format of your choice, including PDF. In addition to that, some titles will be made available ONLY to Harenarae. These exclusive, autographed copies are published in paperback and are provided at
no cost to street team members, including shipping.

Besides the cool stuff already mentioned, by becoming a working fan, you can hang out online with me and other Harenarium members. You’ll get sneak peeks into upcoming publications, too.

Oh yeah, and there’s this, the mother of all promotion competitions when Impetus becomes available. The prize?

A First Edition of Lord of the Rings trilogy.

First Edition LOTRYou can get in on this by going to the street member page. After registration, you’ll be redirected to the promotions page where you can join the promotion(s) you like.
Participating is easy. Simply click the button for the social media platform you wish to promote on. Promoting makes you eligible for that promotion’s prizes.

The current promotion is TWO gift cards to the store of your choice valued at $50.00 each.

50.00 Gift CardAt this time I would like to sincerely express my gratitude for your support. Without it I would be nowhere close to accomplishing my dream of being an author.

Mark Stone

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