#GuestPost: Sean Campbell @90daysnovel Presents his #New #Crime Novel and a #Sale

Cinta kindly invited me over to talk about my latest novel, Ten Guilty Men, today. It’s the third in the DCI Morton series (which began in with Dead on Demand and then Cleaver Square) so I’ve been writing, with my brother Dan, for three years now.
For us crime fiction began in an odd way and as a bet.
On St Patrick’s Day we made an outrageous bet that we could write, edit and publish a novel in 90 days or less. The only catch was we’d never written a thing before.

Somehow we made it, and Dead on Demand (available for free at Amazon) was the result.
We’re pretty proud of how it came out given the circumstances, and we were delighted with the response from readers.
So we wrote another one. Cleaver Square wasn’t written quickly (at all and it took us eighteen months) but we loved writing it, and when Cinta offered to translate it into Spanish for us we jumped at the chance.
This week, starting today, we’re making that Spanish version available for free. If you’re a Spanish speaker please go check it out because Cinta is an amazing translator, and her take on Cleaver Square just might be better than our own English language edition (which is also on offer this week at 99c!).
Which brings us to Ten Guilty Men. It’s been the longest of the three in the making, and we’re really pleased with the finished novel. I’ll leave you guys with the blurb and the wonderful cover art that we commissioned (done by Nadica Boshkovska, who is available for commissions). If you like the look of it, it’s currently available for £1.99/ $2.99 as an introductory price, and it’s free to borrow if you’ve got a Kindle Unlimited subscription.

An anonymous tip leads DCI Morton to a detached house in Richmond where he finds the body of Ellis DeLange, celebrity photographer and socialite extraordinaire.

Morton must investigate the details of Ellis’ private life while keeping the baying mob of journalists out front away from the investigation, dealing with Ellis’ highly secretive celebrity friends and trying to answer the one question that keeps on nagging at him: who called in the anonymous tip?

The investigation takes a bizarre turn when a key witness reveals she saw a man fleeing from the crime scene in the dead of night – without any clothes on.

Ten Guilty Men is the third novel in the DCI Morton series.
Thanks again to Cinta for hosting us.

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