Meet #New #Authors: There’s Always Yesterday, by Joseph Maiola #Contemporary

Hello, people!
Today I am glad to introduce a new author who recently joined the Authorverse, as I call it… Oh, wait, you don’t like that name? Don’t use it. Anyways… I was saying I’m here today to introduce the new kid on the block: Joseph Maiola, and his first novel: There’s Always Yesterday. To know more about both the book and the author, please continue reading, and if you like what you see, get a copy and/or leave a comment below for the author.
And without further ado…


The young Vince Coltellone lay pinned under his grandfather’s lifeless, blood-soaked body while watching the murder of his parents. For a decade, this was the event that defined who he was. His entire persona was altered on that day, and the graphic scene that he was forced to be a part of became branded to his psyche and was replayed every time that he closed his eyes. There was no escape from the reality of this. It didn’t matter if he fought to convince himself that he had moved on, or tried to believe that he was no longer affected by it; nothing changed whether he allowed himself to fall into depression or attempted to rise above it. There was no way to fully deny that his identity was inevitably fused to this one, fateful day. Now, as Vince enters adulthood, he has a decision to make: Distance himself from everything and try to finally escape once and for all; or, seek revenge and become the person that he had promised himself that he would never be. No matter how hard he tries to convince himself otherwise, he knows that there is only one option if he truly wants to bring this dark chapter of his life to a close.


GUEST POST: What was your motivation to write a book?

I knew that I wanted to be writer as soon as I started reading The Godfather by Mario Puzo. Because of that, I decided to write a crime story for my first novel since that was the type of story that inspired me in the first place. Puzo based his novel on real stories of the Mafia, so I set out to do the same sort of thing. For a different spin, I thought it would be interesting to take true events that happened forty or fifty years ago, and bring them into current times. I started researching and learned about the Columbus Day Bombings in Rochester, NY; and I instantly knew that I had my story at that point.


81vRjUeYKNL._UX250_Joseph Maiola is a freelance lug nut tightener who puts his creative writing degree to use in the off-season. In addition, he is a former champion of the World Coloring Book League in the crayons division, and two time champion in the pencils division. He began his writing career on bathroom walls but quickly moved on to city sidewalks before making the transition to typewriters. Outside of writing, he enjoys visiting the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles for stargazing, his favorite being John Stamos. His biggest pet peeve is people who actually have a pet peeve. He won’t do anything for love, but he would do that.


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