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Welcome today on the blog author Elizabeth Harmon. She is going to tell us all about her latest release, TURNING IT ON. Keep on reading to know more about this novel.9781426899959-COVWhen Opposites Attract…Sparks Fly

Some of the best romantic pair-ups are between two people who couldn’t appear more wrong for each other, but despite their differences, find their happily ever after.

Opposites attract is a class romance trope, and one of my favorites. It often plays out in Cinderella stories, like with a handsome billionaire and an unassuming college student, but there are plenty of satisfying spins on this ever-popular theme.

Two of my favorite opposites attract romances are “It Had to Be You” by Susan Elizabeth Phillips and “Dreaming of You” by Lisa Kleypas. In the first book of Phillips’ Chicago Stars’ contemporary sports romance series, sexy socialite Phoebe Sommerville and driven pro football coach Dan Calebow butt heads and fall in love when she inherits the team. In Kleypas’ historical, Cockney gambling club owner Derek Craven falls for sheltered author Sara Fielding when she comes to London to research her novel.

My new release Turning It On, the second book in my Carina Press Red Hot Russians series, is an opposites attract romance between book editor turned reluctant reality TV star Hannah Levinson, and male stripper Vlad Shustov, better known as Vlad the Bad.

Readers of “Pairing Off” the first Red Hot Russians book, have already met Vlad, the nephew of Carrie and Anton’s figure skating coach. Vlad is also a former skater, whose life takes some harrowing turns once he leaves the ice, and eventually ends up in Miami, working as a stripper. Hannah’s character developed because I wanted a heroine who would be the least likely woman to attract a male stripper, and someone completely out of her element on a sexy reality show.

As “Last Fling” castmates Vlad and Hannah become allies, and friends, and eventually much more. Vlad is a sexy male stripper who is valued only for his looks, while Hannah is a shy book nerd who is self-conscious about hers. She helps him realize that he’s smart and honorable, he helps her feel beautiful and confident. On a deeper level, Vlad and Hannah find in each other, the love and acceptance they’ve always wanted but never though they would have. This is the emotional heart of the story, and one of the reasons I love it.

If you enjoy opposites attract romances, what do you love about them? Please share your favorites.


Book editor Hannah Levinson couldn’t be happier. This “Nice Jewish Girl” is ready to marry the man she’s longed after for half her life. When her fiancé suggests they audition for Last Fling, a steamy new reality show for engaged couples, she lets herself be swayed. Maybe she’ll learn a thing or two.

Vlad Shustov’s fall from a once-bright career as a competitive figure skater was swift. Now trapped by a shameful past and an uncertain future, “Vlad the Bad” strips for cash. Joining the cast of Last Fling could earn him a fortune—or at least enough to finally leave stripping. But to win the show’s prize, he must seduce an engaged woman, something he can’t even bear the thought of.

Hannah’s not like any woman Vlad’s met before. Betrayed by the man she thought she loved and relegated to the ugly-duckling role she’d worked so hard to shed, can she trust there’s more to Vlad than meets the eye? With sleazy TV tactics shattering the last shreds of the contestants’ confidence, they’ll have to believe true happiness is not only possible…it may be looking right at them.

For more Red Hot Russians, don’t miss Pairing Off—available now!



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  1. Hi, thanks for hosting me and I’m very happy to be a guest on Authors You Want To Read. It was great to meet fans of my series this past week at RWA National in New York City, and I hope everyone enjoys the latest Red Hot Russian.


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