#BookTour and #Giveaway: The Designed, by Kate Tailor

TheDesignedTourBanner1The Designed by Kate Tailor 
(The Designed Series #1) 
Publication date: January 26th 2015
Genres: New Adult, Science Fiction


What if the next new drug was you? Raleigh’s body produces a drug that could define the future of medicine if the dangerous world surrounding it doesn’t kill her first.

Eighteen-year old Raleigh Groves can sense disease in others and is suffering from her own unexplained illness as well. After years and dozens of doctor visits, she has given up hope of ever finding a cure, let alone a diagnosis. Then she meets a man who explains that her talent and curse are linked. Her body produces a drug, Lucidin, which allows her to sense others. She’s rare, and the drug she makes is coveted.

Rho has spent the last few years on the run. The Lucidin that is racing through his system makes him a target. Surrounded by addicts and dealers on one side and scientists and doctors on the other, he has to rely on his wits and his team to stay one step ahead. So far he has stayed afloat, but some of his brothers haven’t been as lucky.

As Rho and Raleigh collide they must face the perilous world of Lucidin together. Nothing is black-and-white and Raleigh must decide where her alliances lie. Sometimes the hardest heart to sense is your own.



The third floor of the oncology wing was the nicest of all the floors. They had large fundraisers every year, and they always used some of the money raised to add little touches for the patients. There was a calming little waterfall, a fancy coffee machine that was intimidating to use, and a sitting area that looked a lot like a living room.

Raleigh walked over to the doctors’ offices. Dr. Moore’s door was half- open in anticipation of her arrival. She knocked, and the three men in the room stopped their conversation as she stepped inside.

“Raleigh, good to see you,” Dr. Moore acknowledged her warmly.

For an oncologist, he was remarkably upbeat, jovial, and quick to laugh. Raleigh didn’t think she could keep up such a pleasant disposition being around cancer patients all day. Then again, he didn’t feel their cancer…but the pain was often unmistakable on their faces.

Raleigh’s uncle walked over and gave her a small hug before introducing her to the very small, round man with terrible heartburn.

“This is Dr. Orman.”

“Hi,” said Raleigh. She reached out to shake the man’s hand and noticed his stubby fingers.

“It’s a pleasure meeting you,” replied the peculiar little man as he zealously shook her hand. “Please, call me Henry.”

“Why don’t we all take a seat?” said Dr. Moore, gesturing to the chairs facing his desk.

Patrick and Henry sunk into the modern-looking leather seats, leaving the one in the middle free for Raleigh. She wondered how many people had learned their fate while sitting in one of these comfy chairs. If you were sitting here, you already knew that it was bad news. The question was, how bad? For a moment, she thought that maybe she shouldn’t have been so quick to tell Mike that it wasn’t cancer. As she sat down, she looked at her uncle. If there was bad news, she wanted it to come from him.

“Raleigh, we hope you don’t mind that Henry’s here. He’d like to perform some tests on you,” explained her uncle Patrick.

“Are you a neurologist?” she asked, scrutinizing Henry. Patrick was convinced that she had a nervous system problem—due to her stark clarity and rich sensory perceptions before the blackouts—and she was hoping Henry wasn’t an oncologist.

“No, I’m in research,” Henry quickly clarified. “I’m a biochemist, and I think that I may know what causes your blackouts.”

Kate Tailor lives in Boulder, Colorado. She has a background in molecular biology and pharmacology. Writing has been a passion of hers since she was young.
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