#Author Services: Special #Sale on websites for writers! 50% off! @calasade

Author Mark Stone is having a special offer for his author services. Continue reading to know what he is offering. Please, Mark, explain…

A website should be more than an online presence. It should work for you, especially in the capacity of generating a fan-base. The best way to get a fan-base is through special or free offers you extend only to those who have subscribed to your updates. In no other web design service tailored to authors will you such capability offered at such a price. Normal cost is $1,500 but the first three customers responding to this FB event will get their website for $750.

What the websites feature:

Browser Compatibility — Your site will work in the browsers most used which includes Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Safari.

Custom Design — A look and feel that is unique to you and your books. The best way to communicate that look and feel to me is through discussion and links to a website or two that’s similar to what you want. I’ll present to you mock-ups. When we’ve arrived at the correct design, I’ll continue with the programming phase. Expect turn-around time from start to finish to be at three to five weeks.

Responsive Design — Responsive design means your website will display equally well on all devices: PC, laptop, tablet, and phone. This cross-device compatibility is critical considering phone and tablet users outnumber laptop and PC users.

Site Administration — You can modify existing and add new content at your convenience at no extra cost.

Three Months Free Hosting — Hosting costs $25 per month after ninety days.

Content includes:

Home Page — You determine what shows up here via the site administration tool.

Author Page — Includes your pic, bio, and links to interviews and other relevant videos you post on YouTube. Also provide links to social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook and whatever contact information you want to share. Note that social media links can and should be included on every page in headers and/or footers, but that decision is up to you and depends on the layout you want.

Unlimited Book Pages — That’s right. Unlimited book pages. Upload the cover and provide a tag-line, description, and links where the book is available. You can also provide links to trailers on YouTube. Any of these book pages can be offered as a freebie through the site administration tool or feature free swag associated with the book available only to subscribers. Comments can be left by users if you choose to let them do so.

Blog — This is optional since most authors already use WordPress or a similar site. What I suggest is using a site like WordPress for lead-ins (first couple of paragraphs to a blog posted on your author site). Comments can be left by users if you choose to let them do so.

Subscriber Sign-up and Removal — Users create and maintain their subscriber status. All you have to do is keep them up-to-date. Note that subscriber e-mails can be scheduled ahead of time.

Email Subscribers — Enter the subject, enter the message and include any attachments (such as pictures or files), and click send to “All” or select just those subscribers with whom you wish to communicate.
All websites utilize the latest .NET, C#, MVC Razor, Entity Framework, HTML, CSS, jQuery, JSON, and JavaScript with Microsoft SQL Server as the database.

E-mail author@calasade.com to get started. If you need something else, such as a cover, see http://svc.authormarkstone.com for more of my services.

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