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Today I have a fellow writer writing for us (I know, that’s a redundancy, but it’s true). Continue reading and discover how Melanie Macek decided to write this trilogy. Enjoy and leave comments!

First, thanks to Cinta for letting me hang out today.

Instead of starting out with the ‘You should buy this book…here’s an excerpt.’ I’m going to tell you how this trilogy started.

1994. A good year in music, not so good year in my life. My mother passed away at the age of 42 (the age I am now) and I felt adrift. So many emotions that I couldn’t find an outlet for. Three months later, my marriage ended.

I found myself sitting next to the pool, in March-which in the Southern Californian desert can be cold-writing. A story about a girl who loses her parents the same day. She’s dealing with the regret of not coming home more often to see them.

I wrote, and it was bad. Back story info dump, slow to no action to move the story forward. But at the time, I didn’t matter. I need led a release for what I felt. Three moves later and the death of my father meant the story got put on hold while I worked two jobs and lived in friends’ spare bedrooms to make ends meet.

Every once in a while, I would pull out that ratty notebook and write some more. It took a total of 14 years and about as many revisions to finish the book. The heroine ended up with someone totally different and there’s a scene that makes me laugh every time I read it and one that has made several readers cry.

The point is, I found an outlet for the emotions threatening to overwhelm me. The outlet turned in to a hobby, which has turned into a passion.

Find your outlet. Do what drives you forward. My husband, whom I’ve been married to for 14 years, has been my biggest supporter. He gives me time to write because apparently I get grouchy when I can’t. 😉

That labor of love and grief turned into When Love Waits, and the two following books were born from its completion.

When Love Trilogy:

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WLW final ebookRGBWhen Love Waits

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WLL final ebook  RGB flatWhen Love Lingers

ebook: AmazonUS Kobo Inktera Google Play iTunes Barnes & Noble Scribd Thalia.de

WLP final ebook flatWhen Love Prospers

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About the Author

Melanie Macek is a transplanted Californian desert rat living in Texas. She and her husband are owned by two Bombay cats – Murphy (Smurph) and Charlie (Midget). Luckily her husband shares her love of travel and they are slowly checking off destinations. Many vacations have turned into story ideas. Vacation ideas are welcome!

After trying her hand at poetry, song writing, and short stories, she started writing her first novel after the death of her mother. The urge to commit words to paper became undeniable, though life and work frequently put it on the back burner. It took 14 years to complete that first novel and another 4 to edit and fine tune it enough to release. Melanie currently writes contemporary romance but would love to eventually write historical romances. Her love of history does show up somewhat in her contemporary novels, so keep an eye out for tiny tidbits of trivia.

You can contact Melanie at mel_macek@yahoo.com or read her blog at www.featherpenstartandreams.wordpress.com

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