#BookTour and #Giveaway: The Fallen Series, by Tara S. Wood @twoodwriter

Lucius; The Fallen
The Fallen Series # 1
By- Tara S. Wood
Genre- Paranormal Romance/Angels
“Relish this moment in My favor. It is your last.”
Six angels once sat at the right hand of The Almighty, but an ill-fated decision cast them out of Heaven. Now they serve Him on Earth, slaying demons for their redemption. They are…The Fallen.
Lucius, once revered at the side of God, fell to Earth with his brothers to pay penance and atone for his lapse in leadership. Wingless and forsaken, they have all paid a price for their complicity. Lucius’ hubris is now a curse, and he cannot rest until they carry out the last of The Almighty’s orders…and stop a war that has been millennia in the making.
Persephone Roberts is always in the right place at the right time, the serendipity allowing her to help people on her travels. When it leads her to cross paths with the band of hard-living fallen angels, she sets her sights on their leader, and is determined to restore Lucius’ faith in their quest. And in himself.
But the ancient evil the angels strive to fight has put Persephone in its crosshairs. It will be up to Lucius and his brothers to save her and destroy the minions of the dark. Can the amber-eyed beauty with her accepting heart heal wounds that cut soul deep, and force him to reclaim a glory he once tossed aside? Is he strong enough to realize the path back to Heaven begins with her, or will he be forever…fallen?

Jude; The Fallen
The Fallen Series # 2
By- Tara S. Wood
Genre- Paranormal Romance/Angels
Six angels once sat at the right hand of The Almighty, but an ill-fated decision cast them out of Heaven. Now they serve Him on Earth, slaying demons for their redemption. They are…The Fallen.
“Remember, angel, all ways in the end return to Me.”
Jude knows pain. He feels it with every inhale and exhale of breath. It is a constant on his mind and on his skin; a reminder of the depth of his disobedience. And his cruelty. With his fall from grace, he walks the Earth with his brothers, their steps set on a shadowed path to redemption, killing demons in His name. The angel of Vengeance may not have his wings, but he still burns.
Coriander Rhodes finds things. The intrepid little archaeologist sniffs out relics buried for eternity with the determination of a bloodhound and the arrogance of the devil. Her brash nature and bold tongue keep the big angel on his toes, inflaming and infuriating him at the same time.

When danger strikes at the heart of the angels’ inner circle, Jude discovers he is faced with a task far greater than he has ever known. The light must be protected at all costs, in all of its forms. The ultimate evil has a plan, and with the most innocent among them at stake, Jude knows he’ll finally have to face his sins and meet the pain in his soul dead on. Coriander’s touch is the only thing that soothes, but is it enough to make him whole? Can she help him work through the pain long enough to remember his faith, or will he be forever…fallen?


Please tell us about yourself using 3 verbs, 1 quirk and a pop culture addiction

Laugh, dream, and write

I am a fount of useless information/trivia. No one will play Trivial Pursuit with me. A golf ball has 336 dimples. There. You’re welcome.


Who do you consider the most swoon-worthy man in the literary world? How about on tv/in the movies?

In the literary world, it would have to be Shakespeare. I love me some Billy Shakes. As far as TV or film, no question: Tom Hiddleston.

Top 5 Favorite Things

  1. Books. Of course. I am a reader and a writer. I love all types of books. Fiction. Non-fiction, biographies…the whole kit and kaboodle. There’s something magical that happens between the pages of a book, and it’s a feeling I’ve never quite gotten over. And all kinds, too. Print, ebook, audio. Just bring me a book. And a nice cup of tea.
  2. Anything British. I am an unashamed Anglophile. There is a tiny Union Jack flying in my heart at all times. Visiting the UK is on my bucket list, and I’m fairly certain that if I was given the opportunity to emigrate, I would take it.
  3. Cooking. I love to cook. I love to feed people. It is a tangible expression of love. And if you leave my house hungry, it’s your own fault.
  4. My circle of writing friends. It’s taken a bit to cultivate them (if I could grow them in a greenhouse, I would), but I’ve managed to garner the love and support of a fair few talented people who are simply wonderful. A few of them have even burrowed so far into my heart they’ve become family. Literary brothers and sisters who make this journey worthwhile. They are truly amazing.
  5. The untold story. Not a thing, per se, but a concept. One that keeps me going. This fevered little brain of mine is constantly dreaming up tales. I have a to-be-written list that rivals U.S. tax law, both in its length and complexity. My estimate is that I will be finished with writing all of them twelve years after I’m dead.

What’s the last song you listened to?

Lose Yourself – Eminem

How do you come up with character names?  How do you come up with novel titles?

Sometimes they come to me, sometimes I research meanings in order to find one that fits the particular traits of a character I’m trying to name. Novel titles always come to me before the story and then the book tends to blossom from there.

This or That-

*Morning or Night?


*Vanilla or Chocolate?

Chocolate. There is no other choice.

*Summer or Winter?


About the Author-
Tara Wood divides her time between creating domestic bliss and creating hot paranormal romance with the occasional side of kink. When not playing June Cleaver for her hubby and daughter, she can be found at the local Starbucks slamming back Frappuccinos and plotting out her next idea. Or she’s watching the BBC. Tara resides with her wonderful and tolerant family in the suburbs of Houston, Texas. She is currently at work on several projects, one of them being the next book in her In Blood series.

Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/twoodwriter


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