#BookTour and #Giveaway: Partners in Crime, by Downey Greene @DowneyGreene

Partners in Crime
By- Downey Greene
Genre- Romantic Suspense
Publisher- Staccato Publishing
Publication Date- April 29th, 2014

Gun, badge… and a swear jar?
Detective Faye Kane is a good cop. So when she smells a rat in her city she follows the facts no matter where they lead even if it’s right to Philadelphia’s own philanthropist and hopeful new mayor, Martino “Millie” Maliano. But after a rough day, sometimes even a cop needs to feel like a woman.
Enter Ian “Griff” McManus, rumored lead problem solver in Millie’s organization. After one hot night with a sexy stranger, he’s given a new target his boss needs quieted: Detective Faye Kane.
Dirty cops, loyalty, betrayal, even love. Detective Kane needs to sift through the ashes of her beloved city after it all comes down to find the one thing that matters, if she’s still standing.

Please tell us about yourselves using 3 verbs, 1 quirk and a pop culture addiction

Downey~ Geebus this is hard…and I whined and was given a reprieve…so 3 words that describe me…loyal, caring, busy. I was initially going to say…bat shit crazy 🙂

A quirk…AND just one, yikes. I can be a control freak, there I said it…happy.

Not a pretty quirk when you have a bazillion kids and absolutely no

control over life.

Greene here, comin’ at you live.  Greene in 3 verbs?  Er… Laughing, Reading, Falling – I am a tad clumsy – I guess that could be my quirk too…LOL.

Greene – Pop culture addiction? Errr…Does Facebook count?

Top 3 Pet Peeves





Downey~I am with Greene on this…she summed it up perfectly

Top 5 Favorite Things

Greene’s Fave Things: Books – Reading, Libraries




Oh yeah…my family – including my crazy dogs.

Special Mention: Talenti Sea Salt Caramel Gelato…seriously.

Downey’s Faves:  Books/Reading


Music…my ipod is like the holy grail

Family…my 5 kids and my hubs are my world

CHOCOLATE 🙂 and a new fave sweet tart vodka

What’s the last song you listened to?

Greene: Take Me To Church by Hozier – and watched the video with Sergei Polunin…absolutely beautiful!

Downey~The Ruler and the Killer by Kid Cudi

Do you have any advice for anyone that would like to be an author?

Greene: IT’S EFFIN’ HARD!  Writing a book is blood, sweat, and Niagara Falls worth of tears.  Grow a thick skin and take everything people say with a grain of salt – even the good stuff and especially the bad.

Downey~WORD…it’s like vomiting up shards of glass.  Greene hit the nail on the head, and I SUCK at the thick skin thing…

This or That-

*Paranormal or Dystopian?

Greene:  BOTH!


*Winchesters or Salvatores?

Greene: WINCHESTERS!  The family business; saving people, hunting things.  Bitch!  Jerk!  PUDDING!


*Morning or Night?

Greene: Night


About the Author-

WE…yes you read right. We are two separate individuals who met in a writing group on FB. In this group we dabbled in writing and hit it off, each liking the other’s strengths and complementing the other’s weaknesses. When the opportunity presented to Downey to submit to a publisher she approached Greene to join her in the journey. Both with hectic lives they took turns writing, swapping ideas and chapters, thus creating their first book, Partners in Crime. Here is a little something about the Dynamic Duo.
Downey: Otherwise known as Maureen lives in Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania. She is your typical suburban soccer mom; well ok there is nothing typical about her AND her kids play EVERYTHING but soccer. Downey as she is known in this duo has 5 kids ranging from 12 ½ to 19. And to answer the question swirling in your minds…YES, she is crazy. She has been married for over 21 years to her best friend and love of her life. She LOVES to read, her appetite is voracious for all things books. Her job at a local bookstore was by far one of the best experiences and fed her addiction to the written word. Going to book signings and having them at the store were her rock star moments; she is a total fan girl for authors. When that job disappeared she felt bereft, with much floundering she stumbled upon the underbelly of FB and fell in love with writing. Creating stories and weaving tall tales helped ease the indecision that plagued her. The feedback and support for her writing blew her away and prompted her to open Word and create. Loving how Greene weaved a story Downey decided they should become the Dynamic Duo. With the support of her family she has embarked on a totally unexpected new path. When she is not carting kids all over she is managing her kingdom…..in between all that she reads, blogs(BCWAB) and submerges herself in her make believe world and writes. Some days she feels invincible, other days…well they should hide. Never in a million years did she ever think THIS was a possibility, as they say when one door closes another opens. In her case, truer words were never spoken.
Greene: Otherwise known as Alison to family and friends, Honey Bunny to her husband since the dawn of time – or so it seems, mom to her 2 children, and momma to her one and only grandson, lives in a small area of Western New York known primarily as the birthplace of Gabby Hayes. Alison has always loved reading and writing was always a hobby while she harbored a secret dream to one day be published. How to do that when she’s as twitchy as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs? Find herself a writing partner. Enter Maureen Downey.

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