#BookTour: The Faithful, by S.M. Freedman @SMFreedman

Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Quarter-Finalist.

For Agent Josh Metcalf, memories are
ghosts. They are blood-soaked backpacks and the smell of strawberry Chap Stick.
Josh is haunted by a little girl who went missing his first summer on the force.
Decades later his search has become an obsession, and he’s pinned the photos of
hundreds of missing children to his wall of tears. All the children had psychic
abilities. All the cases went cold — with no witnesses, no useful tips, and no
children ever recovered. Until a woman gets injured trying to stop an
abduction, and Josh comes face to face with his personal ghost.
For Rowan Wilson, a meteorite hunter
for NASA’s Spaceguard program, memories are lies. The childhood she thought she
knew has been erased, leaving a black ho
le in its place. New recollections are
flaring to life: men dressed like priests, a ranch in the mountains, mind
control, and rape. Each new memory draws her closer to one of the other missing
children, Sumner Macey; and to I Fidele, the underground organization for whom
kidnapping is just the beginning.
For Sumner, memories have become
weapons. He’s sharpened each of his with surgical precision: the ranch, the
doctrine, the mind-wash, and the murders. He’s eager to slice at the black
sludge pumping through I Fidele’s heart, desperate to cripple those who stole
his childhood.
To I Fidele, non-psychics are
cockroaches in need of extermination, an inferior species destroying the earth.
They’re ready to enforce eugenics on a global scale. If they succeed, only
those faithful to their doctrine will survive. Crossing several genres, The
Faithful will appeal to anyone who enjoys supernatural mysteries; high-tech,
edge-of-your-seat suspense flavored with paranormal elements; thrillers involving
psychics, occult and high stakes action/adventure; tied up with a depth and
humor usually reserved for works of literary fiction.
Where to Purchase The Faithful
The Author
S.M.’s Website / Blog / Twitter / Goodreads / Facebook Author Page / YouTubeS.M. Freedman is a top-ranked Amazon author in the Mystery, Thriller and Suspense

categories, and a member of the WorldWiseWriters group. She lives in Vancouver with
her husband, two children and a giant orange cat.

She studied acting at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York, and spent
years as a private investigator and business owner.

Inspired by authors of many different genres (favorites include Sue Grafton, Diana
Gabaldon, Jodi Picoult, Stephen King, Justin Cronin, Suzanne Collins and Lawrence Hill,
to name a few) she eventually turned back to her first love: writing.

The Faithful, a paperback and kindle Amazon Bestseller in both the US and the UK, and
a Quarter Finalist in the 2014 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award, is her debut novel.
She’s currently working on the sequel.

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