#BookTour: Ammonite Planets, by Gillian Andrews

Young Adult Sci-Fi
Date Published: July 28, 2014

This omnibus edition exclusive to the Kindle bookstore brings you the first three books of the award-winning Ammonite Galaxy series – a thousand pages in one volume!

“Awesome book! I’d give this 6 stars for writing if I could. I stayed up till 5 am last night because I was that enthralled.” Rose – Podiobooks reviewer (about Valhai)

Meet Six and Diva for the first time in this special omnibus edition of the first three books in this series, starting with Valhai, which is a Readers Favorite award-winning book and a Parsec Awards finalist.

“It continues to astound me that this author has come up with something so completely original and interesting.” Cynikat, Podiobooks reviewer.


GRACE WAS STANDING forlornly on the only outside terrace of the 48th level of the 256th skyrise on

Valhai. She had put on a bodywrap to protect her from the very low pressure and pulled on one of the

oxygen mask packs, which meant that she could stand for as long as she wanted gazing out over the

landscape. It was the one place she knew that her mother would never come to find her. Her mother

was terrified of open spaces, as most Sellites now were.

Her sister-in-law’s words rang in her ears. “You should have been genetically modified!” They had

been bitter words, and now they wouldn’t go away.

She gave a deep sigh. It was true that she excelled at nothing. All the other Sellites her own age,

fourteen, were already sure of their future. She didn’t want to do anything. And it wasn’t that she liked

doing nothing; it was just that there wasn’t anything she was good at. All because she was the only

unmodified child on Sell. Her mother had been caught on Xiantha when she was expecting, and it

hadn’t been possible to apply the usual procedures.

“I wish I had, too!” Grace had replied. But it wasn’t true. Sometimes she couldn’t help thinking that

everybody else was a little bit too sure of themselves. So good at whatever they had been genetically

enhanced to do. Especially her sister-in-law, Amanita. The problem was that Grace herself didn’t fit

into their system. They were all continually pushing and pulling, trying to make her into something she

wasn’t. Except for her mother, perhaps.

“Your father would be ashamed of you!” Amanita had snapped. That too was probably true. But her

father was dead. Xenon 48 had given way to Xenon 49; her brother had become insufferable and her

sister-in-law triumphant. They had already moved up to the floor above, leaving only Grace and her

mother on the 48th level.

Grace let her eyes look towards the horizon. It was a bereft, abrupt landscape. What little

atmosphere there was on Valhai was transparent and there was no cloud formation to hide the stars

from the ground. Although there was either perpetual day or perpetual night on Valhai, all of the

skyrises had been laid down in the twilight zone, that area where the sun was perpetually just under

the horizon. A yellow-orange glow was all that could be seen of the red dwarf star, Almagest.

Gillian Andrews

I am English, although I live in Spain now. I’ve worked at all sorts of things, but have been writing too, on and off, since I was little. I have always been passionate about cosmology and astrophysics, so it was exciting to be able to bring that aspect into the series.  I recently finished a masters in astronomy and astrophysics.

Valhai is the book I always wanted to write, but I got so involved with the characters myself that I simply had to go on writing about them, which turned a one-off novel into a series. I hope readers will identify with them and enjoy them too. I myself have been practically living in The Ammonite Galaxy for the last five years. It has become so real to me that I can almost touch it!

The books out so far in the series are:

Book One: Valhai
Book Two: Kwaide
Book Three: Xiantha
Book Four: Pictoria
Book Five: The Lost Animas
Book Six: The Namura Stone (published September2014)

Book Seven:  The Trimorphs (to be published 2015)

Ammonite Planets is the omnibus edition of Books #1-3 and is exclusive to the Kindle store, and Ammonite Stars is the omnibus edition of Books #4-5, also exclusive to the Kindle store.

Website:  www.gillianandrews.com 




Google plus:  https://plus.google.com/u/0/+GillianAndrews/


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