#Book Tour and #Giveaway: Fractured Dream, by K.M. Randall

Fractured Dream

The Dreamer Saga #1
By- K.M. Randall
Published- June 21st, 2014 by Booktrope Publishing
Have you ever wondered where fairytales go once they’re created?It’s been eight years since Story Sparks last had a dream. Now they’re back, tormenting her as nightmares she can’t remember upon waking. The black waters of Lake Sandeen, where her Uncle Peter disappeared decades before, may hold the secret to Story’s hidden memories, or a truth she’d rather not know. On a bright summer afternoon, Story and her two best friends, Elliott and Adam, take a hike to the lake, where they dive into the cool water and never reemerge. What they find is beyond anything they’ve ever imagined could be possible, a world where dangers lurk in the form of Big Bad Wolves, living Nightmares and meddlesome witches and gods.

Now Story must remember who she really is and somehow stop two worlds from ultimate annihilation, all while trying not to be too distracted by the inexplicable pull she feels toward a certain dark-eyed traveler who seems to have secrets of his own. The fates of the worlds are counting on her.


Chapter 10

Lake Sandeen, The In-Between

“Pure cadence stones from Maya’s Valley. Very rare.”

She looked at the woman who was holding up what seemed like circular balls of glass. She couldn’t have been taller than four feet, and she had the delicate bone structure of a ten-year-old. Her features, however, were Elven-like, sharp and dainty, while her white-blond hair curled past her tiny waist. She was quite pretty, in a spritely, pushy way, as she continued to dangle an array of the glass beads in front of Story.

Story shook her head, “I’m sorry, I have no money I’m afraid.” She started to move on, but the little woman called again.

“What about a Thumbelina Rose? This one is quite tired of living beneath the water and, despite our greenery, would much prefer the surface if you’re going there. I presume you are since you must be that girl everyone is whispering about,” she continued.

As the girl babbled, Story realized now that this child-like elf was probably about as old as she was. Holding her hand up to slow the girl down, she smiled. “I’m sorry, but what did you say was for sale?”

Smiling knowingly, the girl held up a flowerpot containing the largest red rose Story had ever seen. It had to have been as big as a man’s fist if not larger.

“Wow.” She wanted the flower. She didn’t know why, but it felt like it belonged to her. Entranced, she turned to Elliott. “Do you have any money on you?”

Elliott gawked at her and shook his head. “Even if I did, who knows if they would take that here.”

“No, I can’t use your money here.” The girl interrupted.

“See?” Elliott said smugly.

Tearing her gaze away from the rose, Story shrugged her shoulders dejectedly. “Sorry, we don’t have any money.”

The girl giggled. “I don’t get paid with your Real Worlder money. I get paid with this or that. What do you have?” Her exotically slanted violet eyes peered at them up and down.

Glancing down at herself and seeing only the dress she wore, which she didn’t even own, Story spread her hands. “We have nothing, I’m sorry.”

The girl laughed again. “But you do. You come from above, right?”

The two nodded uncomprehendingly at the strange pixie girl.

“Well then, you could give me a memory!”

“A memory?” Elliott asked, his brow a furrow. “What do you mean?”

Story shook her head, wondering why anyone would want such a thing from her. “But what kind of memory could you possibly want from me? I have holes in my brain as it is.”

“Oh, it’s an easy one for you!” she said, clapping her hands together.

Story arched a brow and waited for the girl to go on. The Elven woman’s delight was a little nerve-wracking.

“All I need is a little bit of sunlight.”

About the Author
As a girl, K.M. always wished she’d suddenly come into
magical powers or cross over into a Faerie circle. Although that has yet to
happen, she instead lives vicariously through the characters she creates in
writing fantasy and delving into the paranormal. When K.M. is not busy writing
her next novel, she is the editor-in-chief of a blog covering the media
industry, as well as an editor with Booktrope Publishing. She has a master’s
degree in journalism from Syracuse University and a bachelor’s degree in
English-Lit from Nazareth College of Rochester. K.M. lives in Upstate New
York’s Finger Lakes region with her husband and her extremely energetic little
boy. Fractured Dream is her first novel.

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