#Book #Recommendations for the Weekend. #amreading!

Hello, everybody!

We writers would be nothing without you, the Reader. Apart from being an author, I am also an avid reader, so I love it when people recommend books to me (except when people recommend me their own books; that’s beyond pretentious). So I just wanted to recommend some great books to you, so you can choose a great read for the weekend. Have a look at them, enjoy, comment, share, and as usual, just be happy and awesome!

  • Four From Below, by Daniel Coffman. This book is a collection of horror tales -a novella and three short stories- about ordinary people faced with extraordinary and terrifying circumstances. Who are the real monsters? Buy the book here.
  • Trailer Trash With a Girl’s Name, by Stacey Roberts. “A family where the women are crazy and the men die young.” Buy the book here.
  • How To Survive the Worst that Can Happen, by Sandy Peckinpah. I thought I had a fairy tale life until the day I suddenly lost my son to bacterial meningitis. My book is my story of learning how to live life after loss and a step by step guide for parents who are struggling with the unimaginable tragedy of losing a child. Buy the book here.
  • Disenchanted, by CL Raven. “Once upon a time, in lands far, far away, everyone lived happily ever after. Until now. Disenchanted – ten fairytales that are definitely not for children’s bedtime”. Buy the book here.
  • Tolomay’s World and the Pool of Light, by Michael Lorde. Years before an apocalyptic event, a new means of travel is discovered, and the modern technology comes just in the nick of time. Tolomay Ramey was trained since birth to do one thing… to lead others into the future of the ‘clean earth’ where both nature and mankind are given a fresh start. Can the clean world become what it was intended to be for the new community, or will all thoughts of peace be left a thousand years in the past? Buy the book here.

Let me know if you know of more awesome books that should be included here, so I can create a new blog post for next week. Keep on smiling!

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