#AuthorInterview: Meet Val Silver and Teddy.


Interview with Val Silver and Teddy of Rescue Me: Tales of Rescuing the Dogs Who Became Our Teachers, Healers, and Always Faithful Friends

  1. Val, tell us a little about yourself. 
 I currently live in a rural area of Northern New York with my husband near beautiful Lake Ontario, where I work as a reading teacher. Originally, I’m from Brooklyn, NY, where I lived for nine years. but have since lived in several other states since then and even in Germany for a few years. The first dog I lived with as a child was a poodle named Missy, followed by several German Shepherds that we raised, showed, and trained. Currently we have one dog, a Bichon Frise/Shih Tzu mix, Teddy who I wrote about in Rescue Me.  His story is called, “From Foster to Forever”.
  1. When did you start writing, and why?
I’ve always loved reading stories and writing. The first story I wrote was called Teddy Tidings, Jr. when I was around six years old. It was about a little boy whose father was killed in the Vietnam War. I don’t remember why I wrote that story, it seems so serious looking back. I gave it to my aunt to get published (she worked for Dell Publishing) and that was the last time I ever saw it. No one knows what happened to it. Today, I write about holistic health and healing on my website and animal advocacy on my blog and in social media. I wrote my first book, Rescue Me, to raise money for dog shelters and rescues, to raise sensitivity to the plight of homeless dogs, and to celebrate how both dogs and humans benefit from the bond they share.  I hope the book will encourage people to consider adopting (instead of shopping for) their new best friend, and making him or her a treasured member of their family for life.
3. And Teddy, tell us a little about yourself...
My name is Teddy, not a very original name since I’m a hybrid breed of dog called a Teddy Bear. My previous humans gave me that name, and since my new mom and dad noticed that I perked up every time they’d say, “Teddy”, whether they were talking to me or about me, they kept my name. Sometimes they call me other names like “Theodore” or “Monkey”. Speaking of Mom and Dad, two years ago, when I was two years old, I was adopted after being found as a stray on the local army base. I had been terribly neglected by my former humans and was a dirty, matted mess when I was found. I had to go into foster care until I recovered, and that’s how I found my wonderful new family. I won their hearts and they adopted me. Now I am so happy. I love to sit on the top of the couch looking out the window. I love walks, playing with my dog friends, eating breakfast, dinner and people treats every day and sleeping on the bed. Sometimes I like to be naughty and steal tissues from the trash can. I just can’t help myself. 
4. How can readers connect with you and get a copy of Rescue Me 
Rescue Me is available on Amazon in paperback and kindle versions. Readers can take a look inside and read the introduction and first chapter here. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00GLF5HQK/
For your autographed copy, more about Rescue Me, and to contact Val, visit http://tapinfinity.com/rescue-me
Rescue Me on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/rescuemetales
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