Featured Author: Patti Tingen.

A God for All Seasons cover (427x640)Synopsis

Hope for all seasons. Encouragement for all times. Love from God for all year. “There is a time for everything, a season for every activity under heaven.” Ecclesiastes 3:1 (NLT)

As nature’s seasons change, so too do the seasons of our soul. But God’s love never changes. He is with us through every season of our lives. Through times of sorrow, times of joy; times of plenty, times of want; times of longing, times of contentment—God’s love never leaves us.

Join author Patti Tingen in a year of exploration, as she reflects on her own spiritual journey and provides hope and encouragement for yours—month by month, season by season. Find reassurance and pause for reflection in the inspirational readings for each month of the year. In winter’s darkest days—hope, renew, wait; in spring’s blossoming beauty—change, plant, trust; in summer’s wondrous warmth—give, celebrate, rest; in autumn’s colorful coolness—harvest, believe and thank.   

In all times and in every season—may you be blessed.

Author photo (247x250)About the author 

Patti serves as an elder at her church and is involved in various ministries including prayer and teaching. As an author and speaker, her nonfiction inspirational books have offered hope and encouragement to many. Patti’s prayer is that her words of personal experience, humor and testimony will continue to bless and inspire all who read her books. Patti lives in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, with her husband Doug and their cat Braveheart.

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